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Here at Mr.East Kitchen, we don’t believe that simple equals boring. We serve up Thai and Vietnamese fusion dishes, and we’ve carefully infused them with just the right ingredients for food that’s delicious, savory, and healthy. 

We take brunch and food in San Francisco to a new level. Classic breakfast offerings like egg dishes and Thai Tea french toast are here to start your morning off right, and other choices like chicken pho, rice bowls, salads, Banh Mi, and bubble tea are perfect for that much-needed workday break. With grab-and-go options and a quick checkout process, we’re here to get your food out fast, fresh, and tasty so you can spend time relaxing at our tables or go tackle those important events in your day.



 We hope you’ll take the time to appreciate enjoy our food, the bright and relaxing atmosphere we’ve created, and visit again soon 

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